Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flight of Time


Can you believe it has been 4 months since I last posted anything on this blog?
Can you believe it has been 9 months since Anonymous started protesting, and almost 1 year since they started to become a little vocal against Scientology?

Time flys when your having fun... or are busy... or are going to court... or are watching your work destroy a cult from the inside out.

A quick update however...

I have been around here and there. I was in San Francisco for a while, and took off for Los Angeles for a few weeks, and took a good look around there. I ran into some rather DESPERATE signs in a mall, Montclair Mall, advertising for some of L. Ron Hubbard's old story books. I took pics and immediately sent them to almost everyone I knew, Anonymous and not.
My time in Los Angeles was interesting, and while I didnt get to meet Tory, I kept lose contact with Tommy Gorman, and some of the members of Anonymous.

While Anonymous in San Francisco, from what I hear, and the little contact I keep with them, has mostly subsided, people are more educated, and Scientology is hurting...BADLY, for money, members, and most of all, support in understanding their wrongs in court. Unfortunately for them, they have been involved in a series of assault cases, battery, and yes, even attempted murder in some states. Tommy Gorman himself is maimed by one of the Scientologists attacking him, and injuring him pretty badly. I cant say more then that.... Lets just say, there is a lot of court time, and intimidation of Scientology and their lawyers will not prevent us from proceedings.

Speaking of proceedings and lawyers.... HAHAA!! I got a note from one in San Rafael, with a DVD that basically told me I was a "terrorist" and accused me of being part of "Anonymous" and "plots of terrorism", to which I laughed full heartedly, as I know, and many of my readers, and loved ones know is simply not the case. A critic of Scientology expects these words, but never do we expect anyone to believe them, and sure enough, no one does. We all find it quite amusing.
Because of this however, I have made note of names and organizations involved with Scientology, Religious Technology Center, Gold Base, and Office of Special Affairs, that should anything happen to me, physically, mentally, or emotionally...should I be involved in a law case, suicide, or "accident" that Jeff Quiros, David Miscavige and the RTC, Flag Org San Francisco were involved, and legal action and investigation should be proceeded upon those events listed.

So... I have moved on in my life, and while I do not actively protest in the spotlight anymore (I am far too busy supporting gay rights, working for a living, pushing same-sex marriage across an injunction, and relaxing in my new home), I am making a difference with Anonymous members behind the scenes if you will. I have personally met with the new members of Anonymous Protests (yes, there are actual protesting members who lead events (not leaders by definition, more like wranglers), and people who come up with names of the protest)...And I am pleased to say that they are smarter then the ones we had before. Paranoia is not under-rated or taken for granted. Anonymous still moves just as they always have, except one difference, they see you, but you never see them. They are more cunning and viscious then ever. Sorry Scilons, your never gonna get them now.

But with the closing of this particular post of the blog, I need to inform everyone that I am NOT leaving, I am not fading from the movement, I am simply taking a much needed break, piecing my life together (which I must say, has been fun, and those who support me are simply AMAZING!), and my therapy has begun in unimaginable ways that have benefited me. So in a way, I guess I should say thanks to the people who have helped me through all this.. so THANKS!

Okay people... I hope your all doing well, keeping up the movement, some night protests, and chalk raids should be happening, and its the Holiday time, lets push for some literature on how Scientology thinks Jesus is a pedophile, and Christmas is a holiday for pedo's, yes they REALLY believe that. They are selling their shitty books, so now is the time for Anonymous and Critics alike to sell ours.... SELL FOR FREE!!



Sunday, August 10, 2008


The below is from, and is HILARIOUS cause Scilons the world over will be thinking he is coming back - being and OT 8 and all - and wont be - proving once again, Scientology is FAKE!

I dont think Scilons are even HUMAN anymore - I DO believe they REALLY ARE ALIENS and deserve to go home - so, SCILONS PLEASE LEAVE MY PLANET!

(CNN) -- Soul singer and arranger Isaac Hayes, who won Grammy awards and an Oscar for the theme from the 1971 action film "Shaft," has died, sheriff's officials in Memphis, Tennessee, reported Sunday.

Singer Issac Hayes seen performing in the U.K. last year. Hayes was found dead Sunday at age 65.
more photos »

Relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill, said Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff's department said.

No foul play is suspected, the agency said in a written statement.

Hayes was a longtime songwriter and arranger for Stax Records in Memphis, playing in the studio's backup band and crafting tunes for artists such as Otis Redding and Sam and Dave in the 1960s. See photos of singer Isaac Hayes »

He released his first solo album in 1967, and his 1969 follow-up, "Hot Buttered Soul," became a platinum hit.

In 1971, the theme from "Shaft" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and won an Academy Award for best original theme song. The song and the movie score also won Grammy awards for best original score and movie theme.

Hayes won a third Grammy for pop instrumental performance with the title track to his 1972 "Black Moses" album.

Don't Miss Your memories of Isaac Hayes
From the late 1990s through 2006, Hayes provided the voice of "Chef" for Comedy Central's raunchy animated series "South Park," as well as numerous songs.

The role introduced him to a new generation of fans, but he left after the show lampooned his own religion, the Church of Scientology.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. In a CNN interview at the time, Hayes credited his success to "adjusting and constantly evolving, expanding and trying to stay as young as I can."

The new generation of popular musicians, he said, "could use a little more substance like we had in the day."

"They're standing on our shoulders. Some of them don't realize [it] because they sample me so much," he said.

Hayes credited his role on "South Park" with expanding his fan base, and said that he had almost passed on the job.

"I started to walk out. I thought it was a Disney thing. I [had] never heard of this thing," he said. But his agent persuaded him to tape some episodes.

"Toward the opening I started having trepidations -- 'Oh my god, what have I done? I've ruined my career.' But when it aired, the ratings went through the roof," he said.

A 1992 visit to the royal family in Ghana was a life-changing experience for Hayes, he said.

"I went back on speaking engagements and encouraged African-Americans to go to Africa [to] interact socially, culturally and/or economically," he said. E-mail to a friend | Mixx it | Share

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Threats and Anonymous





Thursday, June 5, 2008

DisconnectedSon Discusses Big Event

Lately, I have been absent from the fight against Scientology, and been taking some time off.
Personal reasons are more then professional (if you think of Anonymous and Criticizing as professional), and none of them Im willing to share with anyone at this moment.

I will however discuss that there are some plans coming up soon regarding DisconnectedSon, Scientology, Anonymous, and all the fight that is worth.

Currently Anonymous is growing more and more fruitful with their plight against the Church of Scientology, and Scientology has been praising itself over and over for great work they have been doing. However, with the insider reports showing completely the opposite, Scientology is failing, is downstat, and has been really losing members left and right since the Anonymous Movement began in late January.

Many of you know my story, about my father and my disconnection that which he served me almost 20 years ago. I was just a boy then, and now being an adult, I have to deal with the fact, that most of my life, which I questioned as to why I was so beaten, mistreated, and abused as a child and teenager, could have easily been prevented, had Scientology not been a part of my fathers life, thus being in MY LIFE!
This has proven a very difficult task lately, as I do not have contact with my biological mother or father. I can not easily ask them WHY, or simply state how I feel to them. Blogging, and sharing my story are the only ways. I hope that people are reading this, because it means a lot to help someone else.

Anonymous has helped me really discover and learn more about me, and what my last 20 years of life meant, easily in the course of 3 months. Something that I analyzed and questioned for the whole of 2 years seriously, and 18 years subconsciously. I dont think I could have even fathomed what I know now, if I had done it myself.

Now, I embark on a new journey, its a journey that I have to make, and a long hard road is ahead for myself to endure just that, 20 years of my past, in a revision, an understanding, an acceptance, and a memoir of my experiences.
Its a compilation of almost every single event, the reasons for those events, and my analytical thesis of why it happened, and how easily it could have been prevented. I hope to include signs of how you can spot disconnection, Scientology in the act, and learn how to stop the crimes that will be committed against you by this cult.
Its also a great way for me to thank those who helped me, by sharing their expertise in the area they know best, Scientology and how to defeat it!

Of course, thats not to say there havent been some rumors flying about currently about who and what DisconnectedSon is - and Id like to put some of them to rest.... Stated below are some of the rumors Ive heard about myself, some read, some discussed and most are simply...well, you will have answers soon enough.

1. DisconnectedSon was in Scientology for 20 years - FALSE. My father is/was a Scientologist for 20 years. DisconnectedSon often refers to his life being "run by Scientology for 20 years.." meaning, the church keeping his father from him, ultimately created a chain of reaction events that were detrimental to the life of DisconnectedSon - thus, running his life.

2. DisconnectedSon is a Scientologist Plant - Ive heard this one stated just before I joined the Anonymous movement..It has been briefly mentioned when I wanted to drop out of the movement many weeks ago as well. I assure you, DisconnectedSon is NOT a Scientologist. Being an "Illegal PreClear" I couldnt join even if I wanted to, and since I do not want to, nor think that one needs to be in an organization to be spiritual, or spend money to find religion, Id not be a Scilon EVER!!

3. DisconnectedSon is not disconnected at all, and his story is fake/made up - I have often joked that the timing for Anonymous and Scientology and my coming out with my story was coincidental and perfect. By my joking, I have seen how convenient it is to be portrayed as just a "story teller". Again, assurance is made that my story is true, legit, and of merit. Scientology will try to claim this is not the case, but has anything they claimed to be true, ever really been true? My research into my family and disconnection started 2 years prior to the Anonymous movement, it just took good people to help me tell my story and give me the final details I needed to realize it was a bona fide disconnection case.

4. DisconnectedSon is a celebrity in San Francisco - Sometimes I like the attention, and think of myself as a celebrity. Its not easy, or even daily you get someone whos been involved in some way with Scientology in their life, to speak out, especially setting into concrete the practices and policy Scientologists believe, and letting the world know its true. I do not seek attention, nor pity, both of which I have received, and am grateful for, however, the true celebrities are those who fight everyday, those who all speak out, those who are leaving Scientology daily, are the true celebrities, the ones we look up to, and our heros, those who open their eyes to reality.

5. DisconnectedSon is mean and a drama queen - At times Ive been emotional, and have been quite mean, calling Scilons "assholes" now and then, and even following them around and getting them to call the police. I do this occasionally to show that I wont stand for them, their scare tactics, and show that Im not one to back down from a straight confrontation. This actually is something that will be discussed in the next week - about my choice to change this tactic.

6. DisconnectedSon was one of the first Anonymous members and is a leader - As much as Id love to say I was there from the beginning, I was not part of "Anonymous" in the beginning, and only briefly was involved as a member of "Anonymous". I went solo, yet still supporting Anonymous side by side recently, due to my own belief system of handling Scilons (see #5). I was however around for the Scientology protests after Anonymous got together, and was involved with research and criticizing of Scientology years prior to Anonymous. I am not a leader, as much as Id love to be, however, I believe we all are leaders, and while some are viewed as "acting" leaders, Anonymous does not have a leader, nor will it ever. Leadership is taken as a majority opinion, and many things I have said and done are both praised and condemned by Anonymous and its critics. I do however, have some great leadership ideas, they will not be put in place.

7. DisconnectedSon and Paul Fetch are in kahoots together - Paul Fetch and I have never met, or even written to each other. He is NOT a leader, or even a member of Anonymous as far as I know. I dont think he even is a valid critic. He is a person who garners attention based off his slanderous and callous ramblings of being a leader for Anonymous. Simply untrue, and disgusting he would put himself in a "fair game" situation.

8. DisconnectedSon is friends with Anonymous members - Define "Friend". If it means hanging out with people outside Anonymous, or simply means I hang out with Anonymous while Anonymous, or means we protest and call each other friends, thats something that I keep personal, and share I will never. Simple terms - I dont know anyone other then Tommy Gorman, and everyone knows who he is.

9. DisconnectedSon was approached by OSA with $250,000 to stop protesting, and reveal names of Anonymous members - Well, this is a great one. And one that was interesting when it happened. Unfortunately, it was not me this happened to but an Anonymous member in SF, ... and the cost to STOP protesting, while was true at $250,000, the price for an Anonymous identity is only $5,000. Hardly enough for a college kid to buy books, and pay for 1 semester of tuition at a decent Cal State, or University of California, or State University. Anyone who does accept is only setting themselves up.

10. DisconnectedSon has done interview after interview about his story, and fight alongside Anonymous - Though I have done one interview on film, I have not been approached by "media" to do formal interviews. Only college news, and video blog interviews have been done. I at one point discussed doing a radio show with Glosslip's Dawn Olsen, however, that fell through, and I never got word on that. Id love to do an interview if someone is willing to set that up for me. Currently my schedule is limited to time, and I rarely travel right now, so letting me know in advance if you would like me to discuss my story would be great. Id love to share it with you.

To my readers - simply you are great, your support has been amazing.

I have heard that around the world, slowly people are coming out, telling their story, verifying what I say is true, and of course, proving that Scientology does NOT work. I commend and honor all of you. You are a guiding light to so many, and are a beacon of faith that one day soon, Scilonism will be NO MORE!

I do have a major announcement to be made soon - this is an announcement that will change Anonymous, particularly here in San Francisco permanently, and it is something that everyone needs to hear, understand, and make adjustments for. Because this is a rather large and life changing and protest changing announcement, I am approaching each Anonymous member one on one, and discussing with them first, before I make the big event announcement to the public.

Please stay tuned, and keep up your fight.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pending Case

Due to recent events involving a violent crime from a Scientologist against a fellow Anonymous San Francisco member, I will be briefly going into a hiatus.

I will return shortly, after the case has seen the Judge and witnesses are free to discuss the matter further.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mountain View Dianetics World Tour

This evening, was the Dianetics World Tour - basically a time when Scilons the world over get together and brag and congratulate themselves on being "Masters of the Universe" and watch some heavily edited, stupid video were Cult Leader David Miscavige speaks about how great they are.

With dwindling numbers and "stats" we, Tommy Gorman and I, as well as two other critics and former Scientologists (who are currently being Fair Gamed) decided to make a surprise appearance. The photos from this will be posted soon on Flickr, as well as Picasa, and all over the internet so people can see.

First Id like to just get right to TWO people at the ORG that really had creeped me out. First is the child molester.
Yes, you heard me correctly. The man above was filming and taking pictures of one of the critics babies, whom she brought along. It was kinda sick, as she yelled for us to come over and get him away.
Tommy and I ran over there with our cameras and shot some photos which you can see.

Yes, in one, he continued to film when NO ONE was there. He doesnt say much and looks QUITE tight lipped in the pictures, but rest assured that which he does say is ONLY about little boys, and his love for children and touching them inappropriately.
Now, I did tell him I was going to let the world know about what he said to me, and Im only speaking the truth, and from his mouth. So dont flame me and get all upset about it...cause its TRUE!
I get rather disgusted with people who think its okay to take pictures of children - for their own personal use. This is why I put his picture up here for the world to see how gross this pedophile is, and what a child molester he said he is.

And then....

The next set of pictures revolve around this lady.

Who was rather rude about me taking her picture. As she got out of the car she said..."Did you take my picture?"

"WHY YES OF COURSE I TOOK YOUR PICTURE" - to which she replied rather cratchety, "I WANT IT! GIVE IT TO ME!" -
To which I did the obvious reply - "NO! ITS GOING ONLINE, IF YOU WANT IT GO GET IT THERE!"

Just because she was such a bitch about it, I informed her I was going to be taking her license plate number and posting that one online too. So for those of you who think I fuck around when it comes to Scilons and their behavior, I go for the gold and dont play games - as this picture shows.

At the end of the night, I did ask her if she wanted her picture again, and informed her DisconnectedSon.Blogspot.Com was the LOCATION of her photo. So, lady, if your seeing your life flash before your eyes...I suggest using some better TECH for your life. Get out of the cult, and contact me - once I validate you, Ill take your pictures down.

So, my point to posting all this nasty when Ive been quite polite lately is really to piss off some Scilons who are nasty people, to keep the public WELL informed of THEIR CRIMES - They have many. Child Rape/Molestation is JUST ONE.
I also know they will be posting my photo all over town, and figure this is one way to get them before they get me.

If your in the Mountain View California area, the address to the ORG is 117 EASY STREET - Keep in mind there is TWO locations, one thats just a testing center that Anonymous pickets, and the other the actual ORG, which I occasionally picket. I also suggest megaphones and bullhorns as the ORG is set back from the street a bit.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Suppressive Person Part I

What do you get when you mix a former Scientologist and his family, with DisconnectedSon?

You get a TON of knowledge, information, and education about the Cult of $cientology.
You get to watch Oprah practically grill a very tired, very desperate for "damage control" Tom Cruise.
You also get to ask about the Suppressive Declaration and how its distributed and posted for all people to read.

What interests me the most, is why I have yet to get a declaration, for speaking out drastically against the Cult of $cientology.

It has become no longer dreaded to get this declaration (its kinda neat with its fine print, goldenrod paper and laminate), but an HONOR - It gives us the opportunity to take off our masks, and finally come forth and get in the direct face of Scientology. Most importantly, it gives us the ammunition to show the world that YES, FAIR GAME AND SUPPRESSIVE DECLARATION EXIST!
And of course, its the ONLY religion (so they wanna call themselves) that find the need to say to people "Your a bad person, dont talk to me anymore". I mean, what is this shit? High School.
Your breaking up with me - is what its like...

Well if thats the case - PLEASE BREAK UP WITH ME CAUSE I HATE YOU!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google Maps - Cult of $cientology

If you look closely to the left, you will notice that ALL the "Church of Scientology" has been replaced with "Cult of $cientology". This is coming from GOOGLE MAPS...

Google somehow must be redeeming itself as NOT being paid by the Cult itself, and revolting against them and siding with Anonymous perhaps?

If you dont believe the photo, go to Google and type in "Scientology" followed by your ZIP CODE - Rest assured, you will see the same as I do.

Comments Appreciated

I want to give a big thank you to the people who have been reading and commenting here and there on this blog. Your continued readership and support are the reason I do this. For education, knowledge and guidance for those who seek truth, or question why Scientology has continued to destroy lives around the world.

Your comments have been read, taken to heart, and are deeply appreciated.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moment of Silence for Shawn Lonsdale

Shawn was one of the ONLY critics willing to put his camera, reputation and life on the line, in order to educate Clearwater Florida about the dangers of Scientology.
Clearwater as you may or may not know, is the mecca of Scientology. It is considered GroundZero for its teachings, course programs, resorts and the jumping off point for those willing to sign the "Billion Year Contract" for the Sea Org.

Shawn was found dead in his home, earlier this year, in an "apparent" suicide. However, speaking to relatives and friends of Shawn, they state Shawn was NOT suicidal and for him to die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in his home (his car exhaust was hosed to his bedroom window - from what Im understanding), was somewhat mysterious.

With this stated, Scientology has a habit of killing more people in Clearwater then any other city in America - it would be no shock if Scientology was found guilty of Foul Play and was ultimately responsible for Shawns death.

Here is a moment for our fallen comrade Shawn! One of the greatest critics Scientology has faced.

You may have killed and silenced him, but have given a thousand more a voice and we scream out in Shawns legacy!

What is Scientology Part II

I think this photo says it all.

I give a lot of respect and pat on the back to the guy who made this sign. It really sums up what a lot of people feel Scientology is.

This surprisingly, was one of the ONLY signs that both I, and my sister took photos of, and sent out en masse. It is simply to the point.

Educating My Co-Workers

After many fearful weeks of keeping my secret from the people I work with, Ive slowly started to tell people about Scientology and my Disconnection. Ive also started to educate them to my blog, my twitter, and of course to

For me, its not about trying to get people to understand why Im protesting, who I am inside, or what I do. Its about them making a valid and educated decision on how to perceive a so called religion, that in fact is nothing more then a money hungry organization, that which I call a cult.

I want people to really understand that the Disconnection policy, and Fair Game policy are REAL. They are two of the worst things Scientology does to people, short of killing them. Im glad however, that many people Ive told this to are eager to do research, and have also been keen to ask questions.

Their support is priceless, and if they are reading this... THANK YOU!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

DisconnectedSon and Jason Beghe

Today in San Francisco, shortly after the march around downtown for Operation Game Over - Jason Beghe showed up for a quick chat, give his support, and to show that he is doing well.

It was a GREAT surprise and very gracious of him to show up and talk to us. Im very happy that he is out of Scientology, now with a clear head, and is actually very nice guy. Most Scientologists are nice once they are out of the sick cult.

With that said, here is some pictures for you to look at.

Dont forget also to see my Twitter Blog -

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Is Scientology

Take a look at the picture - its pretty self explanatory.

However, I will go into depth another time - we will review this picture. Take notes!

Scientology Vs. The Holy Bible

In the "Western" cultures we live, we believe in mainly ONE book for truth. The Holy Bible. Not everyone does, and Scientology is definitely one that does not.

Matter of fact, they want to DESTROY religions around the world over. Starting with the one Americans believe in. Being an American "religion", err, cult, it is only logical they go after the most recognized book in America - The Bible.

My ideas of getting Scientology completely null and void would be simply to replace "Holy Bible" with "Quran/Koran" and show that to some of my Muslim friends. My friends are VERY NON VIOLENT people who condemn violence and radicals with ideas hell bent on destroying the world. Religion is a divine right for them, and they are very understanding of everyone that is not of the same faith. However, this would simply piss them the fuck off and cause a whirlwind of onslaught by the Islamic community.


I would however like to see the worlds fastest growing religion (Islam) actually give hell on earth to "The Worlds Fastest Growing Religion" (Scientology).

Take a look at the lovely picture.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome To Disconnected By Scientology

Hello and Welcome

Some of you may know me and some may not. Regardless however, you will either love me or hate me.

This is my blog for posting my life, my stories, and thoughts. It is also to help people discover themselves, or re-discover reality when they finally escape Scientology.

I am an active protesting San Franciscan - it is something that all native San Franciscans are born with, that ability to protest what is right and wrong. With this, I have been actively empowering new people, and old alike to find themselves the voice, and strength to get their message heard.

Importantly is the fact that I protest first and foremost the Church of Scientology - that which we call as a whole city - "The Cult Of $cientology".

Below is a short version of my story on how I was disconnected from my biological father. I hope soon to include the stories of how I was adopted and how my real family (whom I still keep in contact with occasionally) feels about my life now, my protests, and how I enjoy educating people.

No family should suffer, and no person should ever have to chose a religious group (if in fact its a real group) over a loved family member, child, or friend.

I hope you enjoy it here, and be sure to catch me on my Twitter blog, thats below.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introduction To DisconnectedSon

Im not sure where to begin. I started this blog so I could find some peace, sanity, and some solace in my life. It has been hard for me to really understand why my father left me at a young age. It has actually been harder to realize that there are people who wanna help me and care about me.

Over the last few years and many hours of research on Scientology, I have come to learn that all my assumptions on this so called Metaphysics based "religion" is actually a CULT! I say cult in the most brutal sense, because no religion makes one chose between ethics, morals, and family. No religion makes you leave your kids, and no religion makes you shelter yourself, claiming you will die if you hear anything outside its doors.

My story begins when I was just 9 years old. My father and stepmother basically walked out on me, because I was declared an "Illegal PC". Basically meaning, that because I was a hyper-active child, and took medication, I was not able to join Scientology. Its a law of its religous beliefs, err, cult beliefs.

In turn, my step-mother pretty much seeing me as a PTS (Potential Trouble Source) forced my father to disconnect from me and move away.

Though this blog, I hope to tell more of my story and of just the daily things I deal with.

Below are some helpful informational sites for your enjoyment.

Have a fantastic day, and hug a family member.